Manage your business finances with confidence

Seamless integration with your accounting software

Make educated business decisions

Forget guesstimating. Zivora's interactive and engaging visuals let you understand your business accounts at a glance so you can make informed, data-driven decisions.

Chat in real-time with your accountant or bookkeeper

Say goodbye to phone tag and email tennis. Zivora lets you comment within the application for easy collaboration and quick clarification.

Make budgeting fun

Zivora's interactive planning tools make it easy to set goals and develop budgets. Play around with different scenarios and see the metrics change instantly.

Stay on top of your cashflow

Zivora's balance forecasting alert lets you know when funds will get low so you can avert cashflow issues before they happen.

Get more time to do what you love

No more evenings and weekends spent trying to figure out your accounts. Zivora does the hard work so you have more freedom to do what you want.


Zivora Features

Seamless integration with your accounting software

Income and Expense Breakdown
Intuitive and playful visuals to display your growth journey, cyclic patterns and key revenue drivers.
Cashflow Forecasting
Cashflow forecasting with Zero balance alert and accounts payable and receivable insights.
Insights & Alerts
Insights and alerts so you don’t miss a thing.
Chat function for internal and external contacts
Easily invite others and bring the discussion to the data point with post it like notes.
Plan & Track
Multiple scenario planning with simulated key metrics.
100% Safe & Secure
Rest easy knowing that your data is safe with us.

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